Campus- Manthan Career Institute Jodhpur


About Manthan Institute

We are a team of highly qualified dedicated people with a deep passion for sharing knowledge. Our aim is to put you at par with academia by striving towards creating a classroom atmosphere where there is active learning and not just rote learning. We wish to not just make learning a joyful process by encouraging active participation from the students in the class, but also develop critical thinking and rational mindedness which is the only way to come out from the echo chamber of dogma. We also wish to build a sense of curiosity among students which will naturally sharpen one's analytical skills and make them independent learners. In all, we are dedicated to creating an ambiance where faculty and students work together as a family to learn and grow together.
This is an institute run and managed by IITians who understand the demand of the modern world and are ready to work as catalysts to ignite your mind and prepare you for upcoming exams. We keep special vigilance on students raising from weaker and deprived sections and become impartial in providing education.
We welcome you to the divine temple of knowledge, Manthan Institute!