Manthan Career Institute

We are a team of highly qualified dedicated people with a deep passion for sharing knowledge. Our aim is to put you at par with academia by striving towards creating a classroom atmosphere where there is active learning and not just rote learning. We wish to not just make learning a joyful process by encouraging active participation from the students in the class, but also develop critical thinking and rational mindedness which is the only way to come out from the echo chamber of dogma. We also wish to build a sense of curiosity among students which will naturally sharpen one's analytical skills and make them independent learners. In all, we are dedicated to creating an ambiance where faculty and students work together as a family to learn and grow together.
We welcome you to the divine temple of knowledge, Manthan Institute!



Dear Parents & Students,
The next few years are very significant in your life. The choice you make today & efforts you put in will determine your success in your career & a personal life.
Why join Manthan?

  1. Highly qualified and experienced faculty team who are dedicated, hard-working and passionate
    towards your success.
  2. Personalized attention by student-friendly management, staff and faculty members so that you
    may not remain just a face in the crowd.
  3. Interactive classes with scientific and result oriented teaching methodology.
  4. Daily Test, Regular study Material and Regular Progress Report.
  5. A highly competitive, responsive and motivational environment


Our Mission is to filter out the best from every student and focus on providing the best possibleeducational facilities to them. We prioritize on combining the talent and dedication of the medical & IIT aspirants with the help of various learning program. We continuously experiment with new ideas to develop the students gradually through our teaching methodologies and beneficial skills. We provide support to the dedicated students to achieve their goals by initiating self-regulated learning, enhancing their academic skills and inculcating the spirit of leadership in them. Our skills include continuous self- improvement, transparency and honesty in our teaching methods, excellence, integrity and mutual self-respect.


Our main vision is to become the best medical & IIT coaching institute by creating an excellent competitive environment for students. In order to lead, we aim to focus on the development of the society by aspiring young and talented minds of our country. We help them achieve their moto and to succeed in their professional career. To become officially the best medical & IIT coaching institute, we focus on constantly improving and updating our knowledge for the benefit of our students. We feel utmost pleasure by following our tradition of the honest and committed education system for our student. Our systematic approach, motivated performance and positive thinking help us in achieving our targets. MANTHAN present glory in the result of our hard work, integrity in doing the right thing and competent faculty helps students in their positive growth. We help students in achieving maximum growth and success by delivering meaningful and approachable education. We aim at pushing India into the category of a developed nation by providing a sustainable learning platform to the talented students. Our faculty act as a backbone to MANTHAN and our students as the pillars. The uniqueness of MANTHAN lies in the fact that no one here should feel like a failure. We help even average students to achieve unexpected success through or personalized follow-up,counselling and interactions sessions with each and every individual. MANTHAN aspires to achieve notable success in the field of teaching without stressing the students. The dedication of our faculty team is an example of itself changing an individual attitude towards learning.

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